What if the mare does not sweat?

It is individual how much a mare sweats before birth. There are many mares where you cannot feel it by hand, but the foalalarm will make a measurement every 10 seconds, which will register even very small changes. I know some customers are using the alarm with a fixed setting, but it is important to set the alarm individually as shown in the video guide.

I have two mares that foal at the same time. What can I do?

With an additional harness, you can monitor two mares at the same time with the same receiver. Or 3, or more…

I have Shetland ponies, can I use the alarm?

For miniature, Falabella, Shetlander and other very small breeds (

What to do when only one leg is visible?

I would recommend that you intervene as described in the article about foalings. That is, put your (washed) arm in the vagina of the mare and try to grab the other foreleg. Hold your hand around the hoof as it might scratch the mare, and pull the leg forward between two contractions. Now the foal can be helped out as normal.

The front legs are out, but the head is not – the birth process is almost stagnant!

This is a complicated wrong-position. The head of the foal is bended and positioned backwards alongside the foal. Quick action is required. It’s about finding the head and grabbing it, best under the jaw. You have to penetrate deeply and push the foal back as far as possible without losing the grip between two contractions and then pull the head forward. It is not easy, and it is not without risks – also for the breeder, should the mare throw herself down – but there are no other and good alternatives. In earlier days, the foal was cut into pieces, which was very dangerous for the mare, and for the veterinarian.

It is very hot in the summer / July and the mares sweat a lot so it is difficult to set the alarm?

If the setting is 2 or less then you should switch to “summer” with the small sliding switch. It is now easier to find the right setting. In addition, I recommend that you wait until after sunset to attach the alarm. Especially when you have the mares in the pasture in the course of the day (as I do), the barn is very hot in the evening after a sunny day, then I wait until after sunset with attaching the harness.

Can I rent the alarms?

No, I will not do that. The mare is an average 330-340 days pregnant. The normal interval is 14 days per page. Thus the savings are often significantly less than expected. I would suggest you can buy one together with your neighbors. As far as I know, the record is that of a thoroughbred mare, she went 8 weeks over the calculated date! And the case was investigated, as they thought it was a wrong registration, with a loose stallion, etc. but everything went well although the foal was quite large.

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