SAFEMATE(R) Foalalarm

- Safety for the serious breeder

SAFEMATE Foal alarm is an aid for the serious breeder.


The alarm consists of a receiver (usually placed in Your bedroom), and a transmitter. Tha transmitter is placed in a strong leather harness, it is schock proof and waterproof. The mare can use the harness indoors and outdoors, also when rolling. The latter is very important, since the mare normally can detect a wrong-positioned foal, and will correct the position by rolling!


- More than 1000m range, best technology on the market!

- Easy adjustment with light (red and green)

- Control of battery level

- Control of radio connection

- Summer and Winther switch on transmitter

- Shows if there has been an alarm

- High quality full leather harness


SAFEMATE foalalarm comes to You complete, ready to use with a manual and a 2-year warranty.