SAFEMATE(R) birthalarm

- a great help for serious breeders


The alarm consists of a receiver, and a long range transmitter.

The transmitter is placed in a very strong leather harness, and it is both schock proof and waterproof. The mare can use the harness indoors and outdoors, also when rolling. The latter is very important, since the mare normally can detect a wrong-positioned foal, and will correct the position by rolling.....




About us - who is SAFEMATE(R)?



We are breeders our- selves. Starting in 1982, after years with riding ponies and horses, my late father Arne Boesgaard bought the DH-graded mare "Heidi II", one of only two DH mares after Epok. Although bought for him to ride, we started breeding, using the Sire Flamingo, a Holsteiner siegerhengst in 1976.....



Recommandations from breeders



"At BlueHors Studfarm we have now used Safemate birthalarms for around 14 years.

We are very satisfied with the alarm and the service provided by Safemate.

It is only natural for Blue Hors to test what is in the market of birth alarms, and it is our experience that the danish foal alarm the best and most reliable".....